Children’s Christmas Party

This weekend I took the kids to the company children’s party. It was held at a local YMCA and was a big hit with the little guests.  But through my conscious consumer glasses, I could see many missed opportunities for being kind to the planet.  Plastic plates, cups, and straws.  A sushi platter…where the platter itself was plastic.  And horror! Bottled water!  Then of course there was Santa handing out plastic treasures in plastic packaging.  When I went to put some of the cardboard boxes that was also part of the packaging after carefully removing quantities of sellotape that was holding it all together, I found the there was a plastic coating covering the outside it, making it shiny I suppose.  I gloomily put it in the rubbish instead.

The kids had a ball.  They are thrilled with their new toy treasures (mermaid and seahorse, little pony and accessories;  motorbike and little plane).  All plastic except the plane, which seems to be mostly metal.

I feel like the Christmas Grinch.